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Julia Finn, James Shaw & Susai Benjamin

Labor Candidates for Granville, Parramatta and Seven Hills


Thursday, 27 November 2014





Julia Finn, Labor candidate for Granville, with colleagues James Shaw for Parramatta and Susai Benjamin for Seven Hills, accused Mike Baird of planning to forge ahead with the full privatisation of the electricity network – after the Premier yesterday failed to rule it out if the Liberals and Nationals are re-elected in March.


Yesterday, when asked directly whether he would fully privatise the entire electricity network – as opposed to the 49 per cent sale he is currently proposing – Mike Baird said it would be a matter for the next term of Parliament.


"I'm saying that's a matter for the next Parliament” - Premier Mike Baird in Sydney when asked about 100 per cent electricity privatisation, Channel Nine News, Wednesday November 26.


"The Baird Liberal Government is no longer even pretending it will quarantine a portion of the electricity network. Far from ruling out 100 per cent privatisation, the Premier is openly admitting it is on the agenda for the next term," Julia Finn said.


"Residents of Granville, Parramatta and Seven Hills should be walking into the polling booth in March in full knowledge that Mike Baird's heart is set on privatising the entire electricity network – and that is what he will do.”


"At the next election, a vote for a 49 per cent electricity sale is a vote for a 100 per cent sale,” James Shaw said

Susai Benjamin noted that Western Sydney families are today paying $1000 a year more for electricity and gas than before the Liberals and Nationals came to power in 2011. 


He added that if the electricity network is privatised, the main result would be even higher electricity prices in the local area. 


Privatising electricity would also permanently deprive the NSW Budget of an annual revenue stream – the dividends paid to the government by the electricity companies – worth up to $1.7 billion each year.


This is money that funds services such as hospitals, schools and transport in the electorates of Granville, Parramatta and Seven Hills on an ongoing basis – and it would be lost forever as a result of Mike Baird's privatisation.


Media contacts:

·         Julia Finn (Granville): David Voltz 0439 602 315

·         James Shaw (Parramatta): 0467 668 052 

·         Susai Benjamin (Seven Hills): Paul Murphy 0439 672 911