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10 December 2014

Dr Shahadat Chowdhury


Parrmatta City Council

PO Box 32, Parrmatta 2124


Parramatta City Council will oppose in its submission to the state panel looking at a proposal to fill up a wetland by

residential flat buildings. The historically significant wetland is known as Moxham Quarry. It is located behind the

Northmead Bowling Club. Councillor Shahadat Chowdhury, whose ward includes this crown land, successfully moved

a motion against the development in the council meeting held on 8 December 2014. The wetland is about the size of

3 football fields and the adjacent reserve is well used by the local nature lovers and bush walkers.

Councillor S Chowdhury was surprised that the proposal has not gone away since it was first rejected by the council

in 2006. “This short sighted proposal came back again in 2010. We said no,” he added.

“It is outrageous that the Department of Planning in its typical patronising way in 2011 thought that they knew

better. They thought that there was a merit in looking into it! So in 2012 this council again said no”.

“In February this year we told the department that we were not interested to be the Relevant Planning Authority of

this environmental vandalism.”

“It defies logic that the minister Goward on 14 August permitted this gateway determination to be heard. Here again

we are going through it one more time.”

The proposal is creating lots of angst among residents of Northmead, Winston Hills and the wider nature lovers

attracting 643 online petitions against this development.

Councillor S Chowdhury, who has also a PhD in hydrology said, “Wetlands are the filters of our polluted waterways.

A number of urban councils are constructing artificial wetlands. If you like to bring swimming back to Parramatta you

will need these geographical features.”

Northmead survived a bushfire just last year. This means once the buildings are in, the endangered Turpentine-
Ironbarks are out, the two cannot co-exist due to the bushfire risk.

“Unfortunately, for some people wherever they see a piece of green land they would like to put apartments onto it.

These visionaries will be welcomed in my native Bangladesh, full of wetlands, where they need to house 150 million

people in a land roughly the size of Victoria. Not in Northmead“, Councillor Chowdhury asserted.

“My vision is a well preserved heritage listed wetland with walking platform teamed with students of water,

environment, archaeology availing the opportunity so close to the city. I ask Minister Goward to move aside and

allow local people to make local decision.”

Enquiry: Councillor Shahadat Chowdhury 0469 441 262

This press release does not represent the official view of the Parramatta City Council